夜晚的火炬 (An 余烬 in the Ashes #2) (Paperback)

夜晚的火炬 (An 余烬 in the Ashes #2) Cover Image


夜晚的火炬 immediately picks up 与 Laia 和 埃里亚斯' escape at the end of An 余烬 in the Ashes. Determined to break Laia's brother out of prison, Laia 和 埃里亚斯 begin a breakneck journey across Serra, closely followed by 埃里亚斯' former best friend, Helene, who has orders to kill them.  Following the perspectives of 埃里亚斯, Laia, 和 Helene, 塔希尔 does an incredible job weaving all three stories together.  夜晚的火炬 is exhilarating, 惊险, 和 heartbreaking, 与 plenty of unexpected twists 和 turns.

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Fresh 和 exciting...塔希尔(Tahir)在撰写复杂恶棍方面表现出了非凡的才能。”A.V.俱乐部

“比前任的赌注还要高… 惊险 。”  出版者周刊,已加星标的评论

“[An] 动作包装,喘不过气来的故事。” —书单,已加星标的评论

Set in a rich, high-fantasy world inspired by ancient Rome, Sabaa 塔希尔's AN EMBER IN THE ASHES told the story of Laia, a slave fighting for her family, 和 埃里亚斯, a young soldier fighting for his freedom.

Now, in A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT, 埃里亚斯 和 Laia are running for their lives.

After the events of the Fourth Trial, Martial soldiers hunt the two fugitives as they flee the city of Serra 和 undertake a perilous journey through the heart of 帝国.
莱亚决心闯入考夫—the Empire’s most secure 和 dangerous prison—to save her brother, who is the key to the Scholars' survival. And 埃里亚斯 is determined to help Laia succeed, even if it means giving up his last chance at freedom.

受到马库斯遗嘱的束缚,海伦娜面对自己的严峻任务—one that might destroy her: find the traitor 埃里亚斯 Veturius 和 the Scholar slave who helped him escape...and kill them both.


Sabaa 塔希尔在加利福尼亚长大’家人的莫哈韦沙漠’的18间客房的汽车旅馆。在那里,她度过了自己的时间吞噬幻想小说,袭击了她的兄弟’s comic book stash, 和 playing guitar badly. She began writing An 余烬 in the Ashes while working nights as a newspaper editor. She likes thunderous indie rock, garish socks, 和 all things nerd. Sabaa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area 与 her family. 

有关更多信息,请访问Sabaa,网址为SabaaTahir.com或Twitter @SabaaTahir。



赞美 夜晚的火炬:

“The stakes here are high 和 the plot runs like a well-oiled machine, ratcheting up the tension 与 every chapter.” — 美国国家公共电台 .org

“肾上腺素冲到最后一页。” —嗡嗡声
“The sequel to 塔希尔’s bestselling smash An 余烬 in the Ashes finally comes out in August, 和 let me tell you, it does not disappoint.” —书暴动
夜晚的火炬 是一个毫不掩饰的翻页工具,几乎不会停下来呼吸。” 的 Christian 科学 Monitor
“Fast-paced, exciting 和 full of adrenaline, A Torch Against 的 Night is everything fans of 塔希尔’首次亮相可能会在续集中出现。” 的 Bucks County Courier Times

“Thrilling…Tahir meticulously plots these novels, ramping up the suspense 和 including plenty of surprises.” —的 Buffalo News

“Delivers in every way...The stakes have never been higher, 和 the tension is acutely felt as 埃里亚斯 和 Laia run for their lives.” —USA Today’的《永远快乐》博客
“At last, it’s here...It’s as heartbreaking as it is 动作包装, delivering a worthy second installment in 塔希尔’畅销系列。” —Paste

“Tahir proves to be a master of suspense 和 a canny practitioner of the cliffhanger, riveting readers’整个关注。…[动感十足,节奏缓慢的故事。” —书单,已加星标的评论

"This sequel has a darker tone 和 even higher stakes than its predecessor, setting the stage for a 惊险 conclusion." —出版者周刊,已加星标的评论

“优秀的。” —Kirkus Reviews

"的 rare sequel that improves on the original...无可辩驳的 。” —常识媒体(五星级)

赞美 An 余烬 in the Ashes:

“这本小说令人痛苦,令人难以忘怀,让人想起人类— 和 how hope might be kindled in the midst of oppression 和 fear.” —的 Washington Post

“An 余烬 in the Ashes 可能将Sabaa 塔希尔发射到JK罗琳领土…具有成瘾性 The Hunger Games 结合幻想 Harry Potter and the brutality of Game of Thrones.”—国际公共广播电台

"An 余烬 in the Ashes glows, burns, 和 smolders—as beautiful 和 radiant as it is searing."—Huffington Post 

“《灰烬中的灰烬》将读者带入一个充满暴力和压迫的世界,但它的散文质朴,可以提供清晰可爱的瞬间。这种复杂性使得 Ember a worthy novel—and 一如其性格勇敢。” —The 纽约时报 Book Review 

“Sabaa 塔希尔 spins a captivating, heart-pounding fantasy.” —Us Weekly

“An 余烬 in the Ashes mixes The 饥饿游戏 with 权力的游戏...并增加了一些 Romeo 和 Juliet.” —好莱坞记者

吹我走...This book is dark, complex, vivid, 和 romantic—期望被完全运输。” —MTV.com

“Fast-paced, well-structured 和 full of twists 和 turns, An 余烬 in the Ashes 这是一次令人回味的处女秀,让我投入了很多精力去了解接下来会发生什么。” — 美国国家公共电台
“一旦陷入故事, it’s addictive, 和 there’没办法把它放下来 在找出400多个奇数页中掉入的字符会发生什么之前。所以我没有 ’t.” — 忙碌  
军事帝国中的这部史诗般的幻想拥有一切: danger 和 violence, secrets 和 lies, strong characters 和 forbidden romance 和 a touch of the supernatural.” —的 Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

“A setting inspired by ancient Rome; a fierce battle for freedom in the face of tyranny; 和 a villain who makes Cersei Lannister 和 Dolores Umbridge look like a pair of pathetic amateurs...An 余烬 in the Ashes is at the 我们必读清单的顶部 for 2015.” —MTV.com

“准备被吹走 通过这个奇幻惊悚片冒险。” —女生’ Life

“An 余烬 in the Ashes is a book that's 太好了,不能放下.” — 红眼睛
非常适合Maggie Stiefvater的粉丝 The Scorpio Races 或莎拉·马斯(Sarah Maas)的《玻璃王座》系列…这本书已经准备好成为电影了,这将是史诗般的!” —TeenVogue.com

“Tahir’s 灵巧,精致的首次亮相 在相同的残酷世界中,两种截然不同的观点交替出现,加深了两者之间的对比。在 a tale brimming 与 political intrigue 和 haunted by supernatural forces, the true tension comes from watching 埃里亚斯 和 Laia struggle to decide where their loyalties lie.” —出版商周刊,加注星标
“Tahir’s world-building is wonderfully detailed 和 the setting is an unusual one for fantasy novels. All of her characters, even minor ones, are fully realized....对于粉丝 Game of Thrones 和Melina Marchetta’s Finnikin of the Rock.” —学校图书馆杂志
“原始的,结构良好的幻想世界...真正参与.” —柯库斯评论 
“An 史诗般的幻想首次亮相 about an orphan fighting for her family 和 a soldier fighting for his freedom. It’s a story that’字面上燃烧着被告知。” —Hypable.com

“First-time novelist 塔希尔 has written an ambitious sword-and-sand adventure story that is notable for its suspense 和 scope.” —书单 
“Here's 本年度最令人期待的一年之一 young-adult debuts.” —io9.com

I was so engrossed 与 this book that I missed a connecting flight. If that doesn’说服你阅读 An 余烬 in the Ashes, I don’t know what will. 爆炸性,令人心碎的史诗首演 这样可以使您始终专注于页面。我希望世界’s ready for Sabaa 塔希尔.” —陆ie New York Times 的畅销书 Legend
“With An 余烬 in the Ashes, Sabaa 塔希尔 shows us light in the darkness, hope in a world of despair, 和 the human spirit reaching for greatness in difficult times.” —#1 New York Times 畅销书作家布兰登·桑德森
“An 余烬 in the Ashes is 壮观的翻页机 要求读者考虑他们要走多远’d去拯救他们所爱的人。 Sabaa 塔希尔 is the next superstar in young adult fiction 她的处女作和电影一样 Gladiator 和高风险 Game of Thrones.”—霍莉·戈德堡·斯隆, New York Times 的畅销书 Counting by 7s
A heart-pounding story of love 和 loss, 与 the most original world-building I’ve read all year. Deeply felt 和 deeply moving, 我不能放下.” —玛格丽特·斯托尔, New York Times 的畅销书合著者 Beautiful Creatures
“这是电动车的首次亮相 搏击动作包装 Romeo 和 Juliet story in a richly imagined world 与 a great twist 和 heroic characters you’ll root for 和 won’不要再想了。” —梅利莎·德拉克鲁兹(Melissa de la Cruz), New York Times 的畅销书 Frozen and The Ring 和 the Crown

书号: 9781101998885
ISBN-10: 1101998881
发布者: 拉索比尔
发布日期: 2017年8月29日
页数: 496
语言: 英语
系列: An 余烬 in the Ashes